E-Mail Marketing

A scattershot marketing approach wastes time and money. I do make sure your e-mail marketing strategy is personal, focused, tactical, and above all, successful. From consultation and planning to execution and analysis, I deliver value on your marketing investment (no matter the value of your investment).

To come to the point, here it is what I can do for you:

- Campaign strategy

- Creative services

- Graphic production and message editing

- Emailing service

- Campaign analysis

(And by the way, my email campaigns have an average open rate of 26%)

me, in front of my computer

Ok. Now, I know you won't send an email asking how much I charge for my services.

You won't do it.

Well, being honest with you it much depends on what we plan together. There are no too small business for me nor too new ones so just to give you an idea we could start from as little as € 100,00-.

Isn't this worth you getting in touch with me?